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For employees:  Thinking About retirement? – Are You Ready For Change?  CHANGE is a constant in Life – Don’t Miss the Opportunities it provides for GROWTH as you consider all facets of your retirement life! You have a vision for your retirement years.  For the most part, this vision has been driven by the finances that you will have available at that time. But, the real challenge lies in mapping the retirement life that will be fun and energizing for you and your partner over a lengthy period of time.  Where will you live?  How will each of you spend the time that is now available to you?

  • Travel?
  • A new career?
  • Hobbies?
  • Volunteering – a time to give back?

If you need an “experienced hand” to help you see the way forward – are you ready for a retirement coach? We have helped many organizations through this process. We are ready to make your program a complete success!  for organizations: considering early retirement offers?

Many companies decide to offer early retirement programs in order to manage their headcount costs.  But often, far fewer eligible employees accept these offers than are hoped.  Our research has identified the single most influential variable on employees’ decision processes to be a fear of the prospect of retirement due primarily to a lack of activity planning during those years (NOT a financial sufficiency question).  Most companies provide financial counseling in order to persuade employees to accept the offer, but learn quickly that this does not allay fears or increase acceptances.

When you need Increased Acceptances, we offer:

  • Retirement Coaching
  • Group Retirement Workshops – helping to “Make The Decision”
  • Consulting Services

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