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If you need an “EXPERIENCED HAND”  to help you see the way  forward – Are you ready for a career and life coach?  We have helped many professionals, leaders, and organizations through this process. We are ready to make your program a complete SUCCESS!  We work with individuals and with organizations during times of change.

For individuals:

We offer coaching for the entire process of tranisitioning from one career stop (or from school) to the next – mindful of the need to find MORE than just another job, but rather, the RIGHT job for you. This takes time and work, but having an experienced coach to point the way has been a tremendous value for thousands before you.

For organizations:

We provide project services to handle the transitions (Outplacement) either on-site during a major project or individually, usually virtually. You won’t find a more able and thoughtful transition consultant with as many years of both Outplacement and Corporate HR leadership experience. We bring over 30 years of multi-project and one-on-one experience from services design and top materials to workshop delivery and follow up. Call us for a quote. You will find us to be very reasonable, and the very best value that you will find. Contact our Principal (Mike Townshend) directly at: (800) 894 7765

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