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Michael Townshend

Mike Townshend has authored a warm, informative and highly encouraging book that describes in plain language the emotional impact of CHANGE.

Mr. Townshend draws on over twenty-five years of experience working with people who are experiencing radical change in their lives, whether it’s at work or on the home front. The author is in a unique position to assist people during highly traumatic times, showing them ways to find the "promise" and the "opportunity" that lies just beneath the surface during times of radical CHANGE.

This book is a "must read" for anyone who is experiencing the impact of fundamental change in his or her life. At times of unwanted change people often become their own worst enemy. Mike Townshend describes simple approaches to help the reader see the situation in a new light and discover promising options for a bright future. Providing tried and true methods for changing the way individuals respond to challenging situations, readers learn how to take charge of their lives instead of merely reacting to whatever comes their way.

This book will lift the spirits of even the most fearful reader. Anyone facing sleepless nights wondering what the future holds, will find solace in these pages, recognizing that their anxiety is common and "normal". Readers will be given concrete steps that have helped hundreds of people to overcome these same fears, allowing them to uncover their greatest potential and to be successful, even during the most difficult of times.

This book offers advice that enables the reader to “Navigate” his or her course through drastic change rather than just reacting to circumstances like a victim. The author thoughtfully guides the reader to realize that this way of responding becomes an exciting journey of adventure that can be applied to any circumstance of Change in one’s life.

This is a book that will be read again and again.

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